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How to Protect Your Parents From Alzheimer’s Cure Scams

One of the scariest health conditions most people are afraid to have is Alzheimer’s disease. Knowing this prompts us to […]
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Useful Exercises for Seniors in Hot San Antonio Weather

Michelle’s “Assisted Living An Insider’s View at Heartwood Seniors” shows a fresh take on the benefits of exercise for seniors. […]
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At home Safety tips for Seniors

Senior Safety Tips For Home

Creating a Safe Living Environment for Seniors Safety is defined as being protected from any event that may result in […]
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Christmas Traditions for Seniors

I love the Holidays, especially as a mom. It’s so fun to see my kids’ face light up when we […]
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Moving into an Assisted Living – The Checklist to make the move easier

Moving into an assisted living can cause a whirlwind of emotions for all family members. While the children may feel […]
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What is Medicare – San Antonio’s guide to navigating Medicare

History of Medicare President Lyndon B Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law on July 30, 1965. Medicare was composed […]
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