Tiered Levels of Provided Care

We offer a facility that includes different levels of care that will cater to every resident’s needs. Here we present to you the three levels of care that our residents can take advantage of.

Level I:

Management of Medication which includes the following:

  • Assistance in taking your medication
  • Assistance in ordering/refilling your medications
  • Clarification of medication in accordance with your physician

Level II:

  • Management of medication as listed in Level I
  • Assistance in your Daily Living Activities (as the need arises)
  • Assistance in getting dressed and in taking a bath (as the need arises)

Level III

  • Includes all services in Level I and II
  • Chaperoning service to doctor’s appointments or procedures
  • Assistance in routine bathing assistance
  • Assistance in routine Daily Living Activities
  • Assistance in routine incontinent care (as the need arises)

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