Frequently Asked Questions

What is an assisted living?

An assisted living is a home-like environment where residents are able to enjoy their independence, while also receiving help with daily activities. At Heartwood, we pride ourselves in our family atmosphere. Our home is also our residents’ home.

How involved can family be?

We want you to be as involved as possible. People need to love and be loved, and no one can do that better than your own family.

Are the staff trained?

All caregivers are trained using courses recommended by The Texas Assisted Living Association. Training includes how to properly assist residents with activities of daily living, safety procedures that help prevent injuries, emergency first aid, behavior management, and fall prevention. In addition to training, all staff must complete an orientation that covers reporting abuse and neglect, how to keep resident information confidential, residents’ rights and emergency evacuation procedures.

How do I know my loved one will receive that care that they need?

Everyone who joins our household receives a care plan that is tailored towards them after an assessment with a family member or the individual. Care plans ensure that your loved one can live comfortably in our home and make sure that all needs are being met. Care plans are updated annually and as residents’ conditions change.

How much does Heartwood cost?

Costs are associated with the amount of care that each resident requires. Other factors, such as room preference, can also affect pricing. We recommend scheduling a tour for more specific pricing. To schedule please call, 210-361-1006.

Can we bring our own furniture and decor?

Yes! Nothing feels more like home than being surrounded by your own things. We pride ourselves in the fact that our residents can call Heartwood “home”